1. Q: Se necesita un valor.Formato no válido.is Brad Pitt?
    A: Se necesita un valor.Formato no válido. is a famous American actor.
a. Whom/Him b. Who/He
  1. Q: made the cake? It’s delicious!
    A: made the cake.
a. Who/She b. Whom/Her
  1. Q: With do they live?
    A: They live with (their parents).
a. whom/them b. who/they
  1. Q: did he ask to wash the car?
    A: He asked (his son) to wash the car.
a. Who/heb. Whom/him
  1. Q: is she inviting to her birthday party next week?
    A: She is inviting all of (her friends).
a. Who/theyb. Whom/them
Se necesita un valor.